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12th Weelchair Tournament

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11/10/2019 - 13/10/2019 Den ganzen Tag

Dear Curlers

On behalf of the Curling Club Wetzikon and the local organising committee may I welcome, once again, everyone who will join us for the 2019 International Wheelchair Curling Tournament at our curling rink. This is the 12th edition and we are pleased to see how successful this event has developed and has become a landmark in the planning of the national teams worldwide.

The local organising committee and the Curling Club Wetzikon will provide the high standard to make this event for all Curlers a memorable one. Due to our generous sponsors we will improve our own standards and looking forward to celebrate the jubilee of the 12th edition together with your team.

Play Leader Peter E. Weisskopf
Wheelchair Sports Switzerland RepresentativeAndreas Heiniger
RC Züri Oberland ChairmanOlga Manfredi

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